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14th February 16
PTA Valentines Disco: Thanks to all who helped make it a success. Enjoy the half term break. :                      


We are a school that likes to celebrate success – at every level. The life of the school is driven by enthusiasm and a desire to achieve. We aim to bring learning alive, making it exciting and stimulating. We want to give our children a thirst for learning that continues with them throughout their future school experiences and lives. An essential ingredient for this to happen is teamwork. We view education as a joint venture involving everyone- children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community. We hope that we will be able to depend on your co-operation and support in this partnership hoping that we can provide the best for every child.










Every Coin Counts for Syrian Appeal




News and Events

Outward Bound in Y5
The group of Y5 pupils pictured above were lucky enough to be hiking in the Lakes following the weekend snow, recently.
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Bay Radio – Cool School of the Week
Danny Matthews from the Bay Radio visited school on Thursday 28th January to speak to the children. Their thoughts about our school will be aired between the 1st and 5th February at 8:50am.
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Every Coin Counts - Syria Appeal
Our children have been collecting loose change from home and bringing this to school for our appeal. We have raised an amazing £560! All the money will be donated to UNICEF who are supporting refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria. Children have been learning about refugees and ways to help in class.
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Christmas with Great Wood Choir
This Christmas, we listened some lovely singing by the choir and learned about their visits to residential homes on the promenade. Not only had the residents welcomed the visit from school pupils but it was also a really touching experience for the visitors. Thanks to Mr Hudson for training the choir.
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Wonderful Winter Story Stars
Wonderful Winter Story Winners
Our last day of the autumn term saw the whole school in the hall listening to the best winter stories from across the school.

Overall winner was Nathaniel – his adventure up Everest was descriptive, humorous and had a delightful twist. Well done to all the entrants.
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Young Leaders at GW
Year 6 Infant Buddies, successfully completed their Young Leader training at Salt Ayre Sports Centre following a rigorous assessment process. The children have developed skills needed to organise, plan and deliver games and activities for younger children.
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Safer Cycling at Great Wood
During our Safety Week (Nov 2015), children in the upper juniors successfully completed their Level 2 and 3 Bikeability Awards. Level 3 included using complex junctions, understanding driver blind spots and identifying and reacting to hazardous road surfaces. Thanks to Mrs Primmer for organising the training.
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New School Library Open
A massive thank you for all donations of cushions, fabric and sewing skills. The new school library has been transformed into an inspiring and motivating space which will be enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone involved!
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Well done Gryphon! You've been top 6 times. Dragons can you be 1st next week?

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