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30th August 16




OPEN DAYS: 09:30-11:15  Wednesday 19th October 2016, Wednesday 11th January 2017
Wednesday   7th June 2017



We are a school that likes to celebrate success – at every level. The life of the school is driven by enthusiasm and a desire to achieve. We aim to bring learning alive, making it exciting and stimulating. We want to give our children a thirst for learning that continues with them throughout their future school experiences and lives. An essential ingredient for this to happen is teamwork. We view education as a joint venture involving everyone- children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community. We hope that we will be able to depend on your co-operation and support in this partnership hoping that we can provide the best for every child.










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News and Events

KS2 Sports Day
Key Stage 2 children put every effort into running jumping and throwing to their Sports Day a success. The final scores put Gryphon Team (yellow) as the winners with a fantastic 273 points, followed closely by Unicorn Team (blue) with 271, then Dragons ( green) with 257, narrowly beating Phoenix Team (red) who scored a creditable 250 points.
Congratulations to all those who took part and to the enthusiastic spectators who came along to cheer.
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Infant Sports Day
Key Stage 1 and Reception children put every effort into running and coping with obstacles to make their Sports Day a success. The final scores put Unicorns (blue) as the winners with a fantastic 228 points, followed by Gryphons (yellow) with 205 points, then Dragons ( green) with 205 points and finally, Phoenix Team (red) who still managed to amass 189 points.
The Year 6 children did an excellent job handing out score cards, encouraging the runners and keeping the equipment organised. Well done everyone. Thanks to all the spectators for your encouragement and to the Mums and Dads who ran.
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A Royal Celebration at Great Wood.
On Friday, Great Wood held a mufti-day to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday.
Children brought donations to raise money for the NSPCC with £274 being raised for the charity.
Take a look at some of our royal costumes.
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Y1 finding out about hot and cold places
Y1 visited Blackpool Zoo as part of their topic about Hot and Cold Places. The children had a fantastic time and took part in an educational workshop followed by plenty of time to explore the zoo.
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The Big Pedal Competition 2016
Congratulations to all those who took part in The Big Pedal competition. Huge thanks to all the parents, families and staff who supported the children in cycling and scooting (especially those who braved the bike in the rain!). It was super to see so many children travelling to school in a healthy, environmentally friendly way and it was particularly great to see lots of people wearing helmets!

Nineteen children cycled or scooted every day for the whole week and received certificates and stickers. Four lucky children also won a bike bell, slap wrap or puncture repair kit in the prize draw.

Special mention goes to Miss Akister's class, who had the most daily cyclists and scooters.
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Maths Workshops at Great Wood
Maths strategies are constantly changing, so Great Wood parents were offered a chance to see how calculations are done now.
Over 50 parents attended for an overview of the four calculation strategies from EYFS (Reception).
Thanks to Mrs Stroud and Mrs Primmer for organising the session.
Another session is planned for September
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Summer Fair
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Well done Phoenix! 

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